Alfalfa House food co-op

Alfalfa House is a not-for-profit organic food cooperative that provides, minimally packaged and processed, affordable organic food to its members and visitors to the shop.

The co-op prefers ethically and environmentally sound products and checks with suppliers about the conditions and methods under which the goods are grown and processed . As much as possible we buy goods produced by organic/biodynamic methods and by other co-ops.

Featured Article

Down on the Farm

As part of what Alfalfa House does, we meet lots of local farmers who supply us and have a story to tell.


Oral Care Waste Recycling with TerraCycle

TerraCycle Logo

 As a seller of oral care products, and as a business that cares about packaging and waste, Alfalfa House are happy to be a collection point for TerraCycle's oral care waste program.

Vegan Teahouse Banana Bread and more

New local supplier offering comfort foods with an emphasis on chocolate.

September - New, Back & Out

Want to know what's in store that's new and exciting? Find out what we've run out of, or what's just come back in?