Alfalfa House food co-op

Alfalfa House is a not-for-profit organic food cooperative that provides, minimally packaged and processed, affordable organic food to its members and visitors to the shop.

The co-op prefers ethically and environmentally sound products and checks with suppliers about the conditions and methods under which the goods are grown and processed . As much as possible we buy goods produced by organic/biodynamic methods and by other co-ops.


Produce Prices 31st Jan & 1st Feb

organic fresh

Roll in to snatch up some top notch nosh.

Check out the price list down below.


Website updating

We are in the process of redesigning our website - expect to see changes going forwards.

January 2015 New, Back and Out

Want to know what's new at Alfalfa House in products ? This week's new, back and out products list.


Fundraiser Honour Roll

Alfalfa House would like to acknowledge the generosity of the following contributors to our recently completed fundraiser...