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How to join

How to Shop at Alfalfa House

How do I join?

Submitted by coordinator on 9 December, 2013 - 13:50

To join you buy twenty $1 shares ($20) in the co-op.To maintain your membership you must shop at least once a year or pay an annual fee of $10 plus GST. If you shop at least once a year you don’t have to pay the annual fee. In return you receive a 10% discount on every shop you do – big or small.

If, after reading this , you like what you’ve read, complete the member application form and give the form along with $20 (cash or EFTPOS/credit card only)
to one of the shop or office coordinators. A membership card with your membership number on it and a receipt for the shares will left at the till for you to
collect. You can also post the application form with your payment – money order only please, no cheques or cash. Shop and office coordinators are happy to answer
any queries.Also check out the website.

Once your application is processed, your details will be entered in the database and you can start shopping at the discount rate. Your $20 in shares is refundable should you decide to leave the co-op, say you move and think it’s unlikely you’ll continue to shop at the co-op. However, if think you would shop in the co-op at least once a year, you may as well hold onto your membership.  If you do decide to give up your membership, simply write a short letter to the Management Committee c/o the co-op or leave it in the committee’s tray in the office. Shares can’t be refunded over the counter; the amount will be direct debited to the account of the person whose name appears first on the application form. (Please note shares are held by the person whose name appears first on the application form and are refundable to that person only. If the member moves house, the rights of membership goes with them.) Allow 5 working days for processing.

When you don’t shop for more than two years . . .
If you don’t shop for two years in a row and you don’t pay the fee of $10 plus GST in each of those two years, then the value of fees owing will exceed the value of the shares ($20).When this happens there’s a legal requirement on the Management Committee to absorb your shares and cancel your membership.This means that if you don’t shop in the co-op for a whole two years and you don’t pay the fee each year in those two years and you haven’t asked the Management Committee to suspend your membership while you’re overseas or out of the area, the Management Committee is required to cancel your membership because under the Act you are no longer an “active” member of the co-op.


The Basics

Submitted by admin on 4 September, 2015 - 15:28

"The Basics" - is an introduction to how things work at Alfalfa.   Part factsheet, part FAQ.Download the basics


Membership form