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Grab a fresh veggie box

Veggie boxes are temporarily on hold. Apologies for any inconvenience whilst we review this service.
All of your favourite seasonal fruit and veggies are still available in store if you’d like to bring a box along and load up.

Another perk of being a member of Alfalfa House, besides being a part owner, is that you can pre-order a fresh veggie box. The boxes are packed with the highest quality of organic and farmer direct seasonal fruit and vegetables that we can get our hands on.

Fresh Food Boxes are set at the affordable price of $25 for members. In the box you will find a leafy green, handful of seasonal fruit along with an array of everyday staples such as onions, potatoes and carrots. To add some excitement to your week, we often throw in a farmer direct surprise – usually from our wonderful NSW farmer, Colin.

Buying a Food box is a convenient and affordable way to ensure that you have fresh organic produce at your fingertips. If you cook most meals at home and have multiple mouths to feed and you can order a double boxes. You also have the option to add on a fresh sourdough from the Bread and Butter Project.  Please be aware though that we cannot make substitutions, or take out specific vegetables or fruit.

Order your veggie box!

Boxes are available on Wednesday or Sunday and can be picked up anytime during the co-op opening hours. All orders for Wednesday boxes need to be in by Monday midnight. To order the fruit and veggie boxes for Sunday orders must reach us by midnight on Thursday.

To order a fresh food box, visit our online shop.