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by Caroline~

Wake: one of the many things we pride ourselves on at Alfalfa is our selection of delicious and soothing teas. From brands such as Organic Merchant to Chai Walli, we have dozens of varieties to choose from, including our very own delicious house blends.

Morning cleanse: we can’t think of a better way to get your mind and body off to a great start than with our Antioxidant tea. Steep the beautifully coloured loose leaves for a couple of minutes then add a slice or lemon for a tasty liver cleanse.

Treat: customers travel from across Sydney to stock up on our famous Earl Grey, a favourite of our stock coordinator, Yue:

“I’ve had this ritual for many years now, where I steep a good teaspoon of Earl Grey in my ball strainer in my favourite cup for a few minutes, then add a splash of Bonsoy and a teaspoon of our incredible Malfroy's Gold honey.

It’s important that the water isn’t boiling hot so that the honey maintains some nutritional properties.”

Grind: if coffee is more your thing, we have a great range: from Australian grown to organic, in compostable packaging. There's a coffee bean to suit every Alfalfa member. Plus we stock every milk you can think of, including our very own package-free fresh almond, cashew and oat mylks.

Cleanse: there’s never been a more important time for self care! Our best-selling shower and bathing products are our soap and shampoo bars from Clover Fields. And for good reason, they’re eco-sustainable, natural and harm-free and are made using Australian-sourced ingredients. They are not tested on animals, are 100% Australian made, and don't contain any harsh chemicals, making them better for you and the environment. The natural scents will add a new dimension to shower time.

Bathe: we also have some wonderful and natural ingredients in stock so you can make your own bathing treats. Try this! Add a large handful of our Epsom bath salts to your running bath water, sprinkle in some lavender flowers, rose petals and calendula flowers, all available in bulk at Alfalfa. Steep and relaaaax.

Nourish: we stock some of the finest ingredients and produce available, so you know that whatever dish you’re treating yourself, family or friends to, it’ll be a with love from us and our planet

Spring is all about fennel, and thanks to Jamie Oliver, we think we’ve found a fennel recipe for everyone .

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Handy tip

Alfalfa House will continue to offer our Personal Shopper service throughout the Covid lockdown. A great option for a contact-free shop. You send us your shopping list, we do the shopping, and then you collect! Easy.

You can place your order online

Or just give us a call on (02) 9519 3374.

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