Alfalfa House meets the Bowlo!

Be informed, be inspired, be entertained

George Catsi, the president of the PBC will be talking to Alfalfa House members and friends about how he led the Club’s transformation from a failing venture 15 years ago to becoming the thriving community asset it is today.George will be speaking from his experience about things he’s learnt along the way, how adversity can be turned to advantage and what this means for us as we move into a new era for Alfalfa House.

The club opens at 5.00pm if you’d like to come early and settle in.

George will speak for around 20 mins and then spend some time on questions – the rest of the evening is ours to stay on and mingle.
CLICK HERE to RSVP – its essential

Just who is George?
He is also an award-winning writer, a performer, comic and academic with a doctoral thesis on persuasive performance. He teaches design thinking, entrepreneurship and is co-founder of the Authentic You Masterclass series, training people to become more powerful and engaging speakers.
The PBC is an easy walk from Petersham Train Station. There’s plenty of place to tether a bike and unrestricted parking in the nearby streets.

The PBC is a licensed venue so please support our host and purchase a beverage before heading outside to The Patio where we’ll be holding our event.

The PBC also has vegan and gluten free food options – you can find the menu HERE

We ask that you to adhere to the PBC’s Covid Safety Plan
and check in by QR code when you arrive.One of our volunteers can point you in the right direction and at the same time collect your $10 contribution, so remember to some bring cash

CLICK HERE to reserve your place – this takes you to through to Eamonn and he can answer any questions you have.


By any measure the new year has been very different for Alfalfa House. After the month of uncertainty that was January, the good news is we are still alive and well, and open for business – your favourite items are returning to our shelves!

Teams of volunteers are also looking into ways to help Alfalfa House survive and thrive, and ways to foster a more engaged and exciting Alfalfa House community into the future. Please contact us at <[email protected]> for more information on these initiatives.

Perhaps the easiest way to support us right now is to keep shopping with us.

YOUR $20 annual membership fee needs to be paid by MARCH the 1st to guarantee your 10% member discount for the rest of the year, and other benefits,

YOU CAN RENEW next time you shop, via our bank account or over the phone on 9519 3374. Member donations can be made the same way.

Our Bank Australia details are:
BSB 313-140
Acc. No. 12046250

Please identify your payment with your membership no. and indicate what the payment is for, i.e. 2021 member fee or donation.

Contact MC members Bruce Diekman [email protected]or Tara Morelos [email protected]
for more information.

UPDATE : #SaveAlfalfaHouse

A big, heartfelt thanks to all Alfalfa House members who have responded and continue to respond to #SaveAlfalfaHouse

Our community has voted resoundingly to keep the Co-operative alive!

Our trading position has stabilised since December, boosted by late Christmas and better than expected new year sales, and since January, voluntary payment of member fees, some generous donations and a combination of reduced opening hours and lower running costs.

Our phone volunteers have personally engaged with over 200 members, and there’s been an upsurge in members joining our working group examining different ways we can operate into the future, either at our current premises or elsewhere.

Although it’s early dayson the road ahead, the Members’ Council believes that Alfalfa House can keep trading from our Enmore Road shopon a month to month basis, if this level of member support continues, weekly and monthly performance is closely monitored, and other factors align.

This will be the job of new Treasurer, Andrew Whittingham, staff and skilled volunteers, who will oversee purchasing and inventory management on a weekly basis, and ensure budgets are adhered to.

Known headwinds are still coming. Our announced staff Leave Loading liability will have to be paid by mid-February, however, we now believe the final figure will be at the lower end of previous estimates. And the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts are far from over.


VOLUNTEER TEAMS: how you can help

CONTRIBUTE TO FUTURE PLANNING – explore ways to remodel and reposition Alfalfa House into a changing future.

To join this team contact Cyrus at [email protected]

Visit the Alfalfa House wiki to catch up with the work that’s already been done

CONTRIBUTE TO BUILDING AND MAINTAINING OUR PRECIOUS COMMUNITY – engage other members, reinvigorate our database and look at ways to refresh and update our social media and web presence.

To join this team contact Tara at [email protected]

JOIN THE MEMBERS’ COUNCIL – there are 2 more positions up for grabs. Please send your CV to [email protected]


URGENT : #SaveAlfalfaHouse

DID YOU KNOW that Alfalfa House is facing the prospect of having to close our Enmore Road shop at the end of January?

This is an extremely regrettable situation, but something members must face head on if we want the Co-op to continue.

Since July 2020, sales have been steadily declining due to COVID-related pressures impacting the entire retail community. In addition we must pay out recently revealed, unpaid staff Leave Loading entitlements amounting to around $20k.

All of us would love Alfalfa House to survive in the Inner West community in some way, shape or form, including having an online presence.

Our priority is to avoid our business becoming insolvent, and the Co-op entity being dissolved, where members will lose control of the outcomes.


As of Monday January 11:

  • We will be temporarily removing the 20% volunteer discount for eligible members.
  • The 10% standard discount still applies – you can also choose NOT to receive this discount to offer extra support at this time.
  • We’re asking members to pay their 2021 Membership Fee (ASF) of $20 voluntarily + plus an additional amount as a donation if they choose.

Membership payments & donations can be made:

  • In-person when you shop – before the end of January.
  • by EFT (NB: include your member number in the reference field)
    Alfalfa House  /  Bank Australia  /  BSB: 313140  /  Acct: 12046250
VOLUNTEER TEAMS are already checking out ways we can reinvent ourselves and are working the phones hard to find out what you have to say.

Don’t be surprised if you get a call.

If you want to help out:

  1. Join our phone-around team : contact Tara
  2. Join our AH Version 2.0 team to explore ways we can remodel and reposition Alfalfa House into the future : contact Cyrus

There are positions available on the Members Committee (MC) as well.

In particular, if you have legal or financial skills/experience and can help in the short-term by stepping in as Alfalfa House treasurer or secretary, contact the Members Committee for the more detail on these positions.

If you’d like to volunteer in general contact our volunteer co-ordinator 

Keep supporting ALFALFA HOUSE by shopping with us!

We will be keeping the shop stocked with fresh produce until the end of January, even as our grocery lines run low.

Yours sincerely
The Members’ Council

Humans of Alfalfa House – Meet Tom

We recently spoke with Tom, regular Alfalfa House shopper and Members Council Treasurer since December 2018. Tom is an integral part of the Alfalfa House team and we couldn’t do it without him!

1. Please tell us a bit about your background
I’m a drifter from North of the border. When I first moved down to Sydney a few years back, I fell in love with the dedication of the people of the Inner West to their craft, whatever that may be. So I ended up moving to Enmore to get amongst it, with the added plus of being close to some of my favourite live music venues.

While I’ve worn a few different hats over time (mostly due to a lack of melanin), the dark arts I practice most these days would be:
accounting, improv comedy, a few foreign languages and cooking. Witchcraft and wizardry will hopefully make the list in 2021.

2.If you could choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Goofy, hungry, lanky

3.How long have you been shopping with Alfalfa House/how long have you been on the MC?

I’m gonna say I’ve been a shopper at AH since 2017. I clambered onto the decks of the MC as Treasurer in December 2018.
What made you decide to join the MC and why do you choose to shop with AH?
Deciding to join the MC was out of a want to use my skills to tangibly give back to the vibrant community that I draw a lot from.
I shop with Alfalfa for the friendly welcome you get as soon as you step in the door. Plus the generous nature of everyone involved (staff, vollies and members alike) all united by the great leveller-good, nutritious grub! Alfalfa has that good grub in spades.

4.What’s your favourite item in store?

It’s a tie between Peanut butter bars and Tempeh Temple Tempeh.