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Casual Shop Coordinators – work with us!

We’re looking for friendly, retail all-rounders to fill casual vacancies.

  • You are a hard worker with the ability to multitask and work autonomously; taking initiative to solve problems when they arise.
  • You will have strong retail customer service and cash handling experience (essential)
  • A demonstrated passion for environment/sustainability or organic food and health.
  • Experience working within a grocery, health food or produce store.
  • Administration and volunteering experience are also an advantage but not essential

In return you will receive fair pay, employee discounts and be surrounded by a passionate and hard-working team.

Remuneration: Level 1 General Retail Award


The Shop Coordinator  is accountable to the Co-op Managers. The position involves maintaining the day-to-day running of the shop, including shop presentation, display, sales, restocking, customer service, coordinating volunteers, general cooperative and administrative duties associated with this position in accordance with co-op policy and procedures.

It is essential that Shop Coordinators work cooperatively with all staff, MC and volunteers to achieve a consistently high standard of service to members and shop customers.


  1. Set up the shop for the day’s trading ensuring that all available products are on display, including refilling containers and produce.
  2. Ensure the shop is clean, tidy and clutter-free and that till float is correct.
  3. Constantly monitor presentation, quality of stock, stock levels in the shop and restock shop as and when required.
  4. Promptly serve customers. Be courteous and helpful, advising them, when necessary, of co-op procedures.
  5. Operate cash register ensuring breaks are taken in accordance with OH+S Policy.
  6. Put away excess cash from till into safe
  7. Keep shop, till area, sink area, storeroom and stock containers (bins, jars etc.) clean and tidy, taking special care of spillages or other floor debris.
  8. Keep storeroom as clean and organised as possible.
  9. As appropriate, encourage members to become volunteers.
  10. Accept membership applications, welcoming new members and ensuring that the applications are legibly and correctly completed and are stored appropriately.
  11. Update members and customers of the latest coop activities and workshops.
  12. Ensure that the co-op backyard is kept clean and tidy and that all rubbish is disposed of  in accordance with co-op policy and procedures.
  13. Participate in the decision-making and organisation of the co-op, including attending monthly staff meetings and on occasion MC meetings as a staff delegate
  14. Ensure that OH+S regulations are always practised in the performance of the position’s duties and actively participate in the maintenance and improvement of OH+S procedures including risk assessment processes.
  15. Work cooperatively and harmoniously with other staff, volunteers and MC.
  16. Take responsibility for co-op infrastructure and general running and maintenance of co-op equipment in consultation with other staff on roster and in accordance with co-op procedures.
  17. Take responsibility for the passing of information relating to your shift to the next shop coordinator on the roster or to other pertinent staff.
  18. Perform end-of-day procedures (if last shift of the day) • Balance cash register• Secure the days takings in the safe • Secure float; Turn off equipment as required • Put away perishables • Sweep and mop shop • Clean work areas and storeroom including shelving and equipment • Lock the shop.


  1. Assisting the Stock Manager with receiving, checking, weighing (if required) and storing deliveries, matching the deliveries with produce ordered.
  2. Assisting with the monitoring and recording of stock loss.
  3. Ensuring that systems to reduce stock spoilage are maintained, paying special attention to storage of perishable items.
  4. Training and assisting volunteers, ensuring that WH+S policies and procedures are explained and maintained, assigning tasks appropriately
  5. Assisting with the maintenance of shop signage.
  6. Ensure that time sheets are completed and correct.
  7. Undertaking training, both as trainee and trainer, with Stock Coordinators, other staff and specialist trainers.

Send your CV and a one page cover letter expressing interest to [email protected]

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Humans of Alfalfa House – Meet Roisin

We recently chatted with Roisin, one of our permanent volunteers here at the co-op. We love having Roisin here and appreciate all the help she gives us and the effort she puts in every week – thank you for always bringing your warmth and positive energy into the co-op Roisin 🙂

1.Please tell us a bit about you – what you do, what you’re passionate about etc

I did a degree in Agricultural Science, as I was very passionate about plants, Indigenous land management, entomology and local, small scale sustainable growing of food. During this time I developed a love for community orientated work and research, I hope to pursue a PhD in this area. I am currently in a transitory period of applications for work and a phd.

I am passionate about swimming in the sea, riding, spending time with friends and family, cooking and community initiatives; gardening more in tune with nature such as syntropic farming and indigenous farming; social justice; composting; the interrelation of plants, insects and plant pathogens, research, and reducing food millage. Other passions include listening to funky 70s music, disco, electronic instrumental music and Euro pop, writing, discovering new books to read, doing crosswords on the weekend, reading the paper, playing chess comedy nights, art galleries, old/ interesting buildings, having a boogie, and spending time and being there for my friends, family and having little dinner does, being silly, having a good yarn with people and going on adventures.

2. If you could choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Radiant, silly bugger, joyous

3. How long have you been shopping with/volunteering with Alfalfa House

I started shopping here when I moved to Sydney nearly 6 years ago, I was volunteering at the USYD food cooperative while I was studying. I have been amongst it more for the last two years as in my honours year I started volunteering at Alfalfa house when I could, and I started again this year and have recently become a permanent volunteer!

4. Why do you choose to shop here/volunteer here?

Cooperatives are wonderful spaces of solidarity, self resilience, socialism, and creativity. It is a social space not just a place where you go in and out of fluorescent lights, perhaps strike up an awkward conversation and bing yourself back into the hussle and bussle of the outside world. This cooperative is a local hub for connection with often like minded members, sharing this commonality, excitement and passion for – community run projects, supporting the environment and social justice. This means your conversations are always interesting and with warm intentions and really lovely connections in your community can be developed. Food cooperatives promote the capacity to create change you wish to see in how you purchase your fruit and vegetables. Things could include reducing plastic, local products, less herbicides/ pesticides on the fruit and vegetables you eat- supporting these farmers and producers by paying a wholesale price, moving away from supporting big corporations that rip of farmers and the supply chain and are supporting mass production of food and monocultures that are degrading the soil,

Volunteering is a way to support the running of the cooperative, immerse yourself in the community and spend more time in the nice earthy space that the cooperative is, provide more structure and time to just give back to a space you love, as well meaning the grocery shop is reduced in cost which is very helpful!

5. What’s your favourite item in store?

There are so many wonderful groceries and products! I do love the black sapote whilst it is very rich and not my day to day go to. It’s my favourite item because it comes at a time of year when things are darker, colder, and shorter, and is a great treat to share also perhaps because I am a chocolate fiend. It is something I had never seen in other grocery stores in nsw which is cool!

Alfalfa House acknowledges and pays respect to the Gadigal and Wangal people, traditional custodians of the land on which live and work.
We pay respect to Elders past and present, recognising their strength, wisdom and creativity. Sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be.
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zzz-About Alfalfa House

We are:

  • A co-operative – as a members cooperative, the main purpose of Alfalfa House is to benefit our members. Become a member, and get a 10% discount when you shop; volunteer and get a 20% discount for every 2 hours of volunteering you do!
  • Ethical and organic – we sell high quality organic fruit and vegetables (often direct from the farmers), bulk grains and pulses, sourdough bread, eggs from the happiest chickens, eco-friendly cleaning products, ethical pre-packaged products and so much more
  • Local – we support local start-ups and inspiring artisan producers, and buy direct from them wherever possible
  • Using less plastic, less packaging – bring your own container, and buy the right amount for you

    Alfalfa House Objects

    The Objects of Alfalfa House are the guiding principles for Alfalfa House. They are a critically important statement of our principles, and can be found in our Rules, Part 2, Rule 1.4.

    These are the Objects of Alfalfa House:

    1. to provide a retail source of whole foods so that members may have some control over the sources of their food supply;
    2. to provide information on and promote the use of i) low-cost, ethically-produced and packaged whole foods, ii) cruelty-free foods, iii) vegetarian foods, iv) vegan foods, v) organic foods and vi) genetically-modified-free foods;
    3. to run an ethical, not-for-profit business;
    4. to minimise resource wastage and, hence, encourage reuse and recycling
    5. to support other cooperatives whose objects are similar or related to the objects of the cooperative; and
    6. to stimulate community development, foster community spirit and promote sustainable living.

    Safer Spaces Policy

    Alfalfa House has always operated with a Safer Spaces Policy in place. This policy covers all members, volunteers and others while at Alfalfa House (113 Enmore Road, Enmore) and at any of its associated activities, but it is not an OHS policy. Alfalfa House encourages all members and those using such spaces to be aware of the meaning of safer spaces and to be active in helping create and maintain such spaces.

    ‘Safer spaces’ are inclusive and participatory. Alfalfa House seeks to be such a space, as part of an effort toward creating supportive and non-oppressive communities, where people feel safe to be themselves, where people support each other and respect differences and diversity. Alfalfa House understands that while no space can be completely safe for every individual, all members and others using those spaces can strive to make them safer.

    Safer spaces require each member to take responsibility for their own behaviour and the behaviour of others, and actively challenge oppressive behaviour and language. All members should strive to be aware of the many forms of discrimination that may perpetuate oppression, including

    • sexism
    • racism
    • ageism
    • discrimination against people with different abilities
    • heterosexism
    • homophobia/queerphobia
    • discrimination against sex and gender diverse people
    • discrimination against subcultures and minority groups
    • classism
    • discrimination on the basis of religion, faith or spirituality
    • discrimination on the basis of diet and/or lifestyle.

    AH seeks to actively challenge these forms of discrimination by encouraging all members to:

    1. respect each other’s beliefs, differing points of view and differing states of being in the world
    2. respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries
    3. always get explicit consent before crossing another’s boundaries and before making physical contact
    4. not talk over others and instead actively allow space for others to participate
    5. be aware of language and behaviour and how it affects others in the space
    6. be responsible for their own actions and to be open to feedback and to asking for support
    7. never make assumptions about how other people identify themselves without asking
    8. look out for each other, especially children
    9. take responsibility for their own safety and to seek support if needed.

    Members and others engaging in unsafe behaviour should exclude themselves from this space and may be asked to leave immediately. If behaviour is exhibited that crosses another’s boundaries or makes another feel uncomfortable, that person is encouraged to speak out, talk to staff, or contact the Co-op Coordinator (coordinator@alfalfahouse.org)


    Meetings, parties, events – we’ve got you covered!

    From delicious dips to organic olives •  chocolate coated nuts to nut-based cheeses   •  farmer-direct fruit to tasty teas and so much more.
    We've carefully sourced the best quality, packaging-free snacks all ready for your next get together.
    Bring your empty jars and containers. The planet will love you, and so will your guests.

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