Covid Safety Plan

September 2020, (updated July 2021)
Alfalfa House Community Food Co-operative Ltd

Original plan completed by Alexandra Cooke, Manager
Plan updated and approved 22 July 2021

Mandatory Check In and record keeping
From 12 July 2021 electronic check in, using the QR code or alternative sign in sheet is mandatory for all persons entering the premises (staff, volunteers, customers etc). The occupier of premises may refuse entry to a person who fails to comply with this direction. Be aware that there are exceptions: You are NOT required to check in if you are (relevantly):

  • entering to provide emergency services
  • entering to exercise law enforcement, intelligence or national security functions on behalf of a NSW Government or Australian Government agency
  • under 18 years of age and it is not possible to register your contact details.

Alfalfa House is required by Public Health Order (penalty applies for breach) to:

  1. take reasonable steps to ensure a person complies with this clause when entering the premises, and
  2. within 12 hours after contact details are provided to the occupier under this clause, electronically register the details with Service NSW.

QR codes are clearly visible at the front, middle and back entrances.

Staff and volunteers use the QR code when they enter and leave the premises.

Customers are asked to show evidence of electronic check in (eg Green Tick on QR code) and if unable to check in electronically, complete the paper contact details list. Paper records are entered into an electronic spreadsheet within 12 hours.

Records are kept for at least 28 days.

Records must be provided as soon as possible, but within 4 hours, upon request from an authorised officer.

Physical distancing
The 4 square metre rule applies. The number of customers in the shop is limited to six (6) individuals in the shop at any one time.  This notification is clearly displayed at the shop entry.

We support 1.5m physical distancing wherever possible. Staff and volunteers closely monitor numbers in the store and movement around cashier terminals.

Staffing and Volunteering Plan has been adjusted to ensure minimum number of staff and volunteers in the shop floor.  Breaks are also varied.

Physically distanced seating is provided outside the shop to assist with any queuing.

We receive deliveries throughout the day on weekdays.  There is rarely more than one delivery at a time.  Contact with delivery personnel is minimal.

We have organised produce deliveries in the morning and grocery deliveries in the afternoon. We have to do this staggered approach due to lack of space.

Wellbeing of staff, volunteers and customers
The cooperative’s shop entry sign and weekly newsletters ask members not to shop if unwell.  Staff and volunteers are also asked not to attend if unwell.  Staff have been asked to go to a doctor and get a medical certificate and a COVID 19 test if displaying any of the symptoms.  Staff have been advised on their sick leave arrangements.

Information on the Covid 19 Safety Plan is provided to staff and volunteers and updated as circumstances change.  This information is also included in the Volunteers Induction Training.

Hygiene and cleaning
Members, volunteers, customers and staff members are requested to wash hands on entry with hand sanitiser or soap which is provided in the shop. Bathroom is well stocked with hand soap and paper towels.

Hand sanitiser is provided at key points in the shop and office.

Frequently used indoor hard surface areas are cleaned at least daily with detergent/ disinfectant. Frequently touched areas and surfaces are cleaned several times per day.

Natural ventilation is increased by opening windows and doors where possible, and mechanical ventilation is increased where possible by optimising air conditioning.

Mandatory Masks
Given the highly infectious nature of the current COVID outbreak, the size and nature of our shop and our Work Health and Safety obligations, mandating masks balances risks to everyone.

Staff, volunteers and customers must wear face masks. Face masks are provided for staff and volunteers in the shop and provided at $1 for customers if required.

Customers with a medical exemption for wearing a face mask are offered a personalised shopper service at no extra cost. Orders are made by phone or online and contactless pick up is provided. Delivery fees apply to everyone.

COVID Safety Plan record keeping
A copy of this COVID Safety Plan is kept on the Alfalfa House premises.

Current as at 22 July 2021