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Food grant scheme

The Alfalfa House Food Grant Scheme offers for tender a monthly food grant of $100 on store items to help with food costs for special events such as conferences, workshops, teach-ins, public forums etc.

The grant is open to community and activist groups with similar objectives to ours.

In offering this support we hope to strengthen relationships between our cooperative and other networks of community-minded people as well as promote the stated objectives of Alfalfa House – specifically to stimulate community development, foster community spirit and promote sustainable living.

Tender process

  1. Applicants are asked to submit a short written application addressing the criteria outlined below to [email protected] or fill in our online form.
    • A brief background of your group
    • What is the group’s philosophy or vision?
    • What objectives does it share with Alfalfa House?
    • What previous events has the group facilitated?
    • What affiliations does the group have?
    • What is the date of the event?
    • Who will be attending?
    • How will the food grant support the group’s work?
    • How can your group promote Alfalfa House at the special event?
    • How can we support each other in the future?
    • How will you provide us with a follow-up to the event?
    • Please also provide a preliminary list of requested items and quantities, simply for planning purposes.
  2. Applications must be submitted on the fifteenth of the month preceding the date of the proposed event.
  3. Once the application is received, at its next meeting the Members’ Council (MC) discusses and decides whether to approve or deny the application. MC meetings are held monthly on a Wednesday or Thursday.
  4. Alfalfa House informs applicant of the decision.
  5. If successful, the applicant collect the Food Grant vouchers, which must be used within six months.

Extra Notes

    1. Food grants can be used on all in-stock items in the shop.
    2. Food grants are to the value of $100 worth of stock at a 20% discount rate.
    3. Only bread can be pre-ordered; all pre-orders must be placed at least 1.5 weeks before the bread delivery day. Alfalfa House receives deliveries from different bakeries on different days; to ensure you get the brand and kind of bread you want, please ensure you can pick up your order on the day we ordinarily receive delivery from that bakery.
    4. Applications must include a general list of what type and quantity of dry stock to be purchased with the grant. This is for planning purposes, so the shop doesn’t run out of any particular line. Food grants cannot be used for special order items.
    5. Unfortunately, Alfalfa House cannot offer a bulk discount on stock purchased with a food grant.
    6. Alfalfa House will do its best to get requested items, however, it cannot guarantee all requested items will be available.
    7. Alfalfa House aims to create a sustainable working environment for staff, MC and volunteers. Please arrange pick up times within the relevant Stock Coordinator’s usual rostered hours.
    8. Staff are not able to pre-pack orders, so successful food grant applicants must come to the co-op, select items from the shop and pack their orders themselves.
    9. Once the order is completed and processed through the till, copies of receipts are to be printed and given to the Stock Coordinators (Fruit+Veg) and (Groceries).
    10. To ensure applicants receive the items they want, they are advised to give reasonable notice for all orders. If there is not enough time to consider the application at an MC meeting and provide Stock Coordinators reasonable notice, the application may be denied.
    11. Alfalfa House staff are happy to talk to other food co-ops and other groups about systems and processes. These conversations typically require an extended period of time, so a separate meeting must be arranged with the relevant staff member. This ensures that Alfalfa House staff can focus on the conversation and not be interrupted by their regular work. Setting aside time for such meetings benefits all concerned.