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Tips for upcycling takeaway containers by Greta

When the rainy days come, and it's cold outside, we're in no mood to cook. It's takeaway to the rescue. But it’s not without a cost, and not just to your bank account. We're all well aware of the detrimental effects of plastic to the environment and wildlife.

Here are some nifty ideas to consider for upcycling takeaway containers.

  1. Tupperware alternatives – takeaway boxes make the perfect food storage containers in the fridge (ask a chef!). They may not be as durable as Tupperware but can last between 3-10 uses depending on what you store.
  2. Garden equipment storage – think fertilizer, garden gloves, and seed packets.
  3. Loose tea storage – I'm a huge tea lover and storing different teas in takeaway boxes keeps my drawer neat and organised.
  4. Herb pot plants! Did you know that you can save the root end of spring onions, replant them and grow them again? The same goes for bok choy. Next time you buy some, consider starting your own windowsill garden, as per this simple project below.

DIY takeaway planter box


This isn't limited to just spring onions. Any small herb or plant will work, but I've used Spring Onions because they're very easy to regrow, and delicious in miso soups, noodle dishes, and rice bowls!


  • Takeaway box
  • Small crafting drill
  • A thin and pointy object (skewer, toothpick, pencil, etc.) for making a well for your herbs or plants of choice
  • Small shovel
  • Potting mix
  • Spray bottle
  • 6 Spring Onions (cut 3cm from the root)


  • Gently drill 10 holes into the base of the takeaway container. Thoughtfully discard the plastic residue from the drilled holes.
  • Using your shovel, scoop potting mix into the container leaving approx. 1cm space at the top.
  • Using your pointy object, make 6 wells in the soil approx. 2cm deep, 3-4cm apart from each other.
  • Plant each Spring Onion in a well, and cover.
  • Spray the plants thoroughly until the soil is damp, but not saturated.
  • Keep your planter box in a sunny spot. Water them once or twice daily (three times in a hot and dry weather) – they love water very much.

In a few days, you'll start to see new shoots emerging from the base of the Spring Onions. These will be ready to harvest in 1-2 weeks. Free Spring Onions forever!

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