How to join

It's easy to join and maintain active membership. Shop at least once a year and renew your yearly subscription in January. We also offer half yearly and concession memberships.


Join in the shop

Complete the membership form available at the counter and pay your membership fee by cash or card. Our friendly staff will record your details  so you can start shopping straight away with your 10% member discount!  Shortly after, we will be in touch with a welcome email, to confirm your membership number.

Join & shop online

Simply add a membership to your ONLINE CART - fill in the form, pay your membership fee and start shopping at member discount prices! Shortly after we'll be in touch with a welcome email and your member number once we've processed your application.


Co-ops are jointly owned, autonomous businesses formed to benefit their members who are also their owners. In a co-op, ownership and control is shared equally amongst members who use the enterprise to meet a common purpose. As a member, you're more than welcome to attend meetings and have your say in the direction of the co-op.  Check out how the co-op works.

Member discounts

As an Alfalfa House member you automatically receive great benefits, including a 10% discount every time you shop. However, a bigger discount is available if you also help run the co-op, as a volunteer!


Additional 10%

Every two hours you volunteer with the Co-op entitles you to a 20% discount on one single shop. You can save up this discount to use at a time which suits you – simply let staff know at the till if you’d like to use it (or use a 'Volunteer' coupon when you checkout online)

You can earn a 'permanent' 20% discount by volunteering for two hours a week on a regular basis.

Find out more about volunteering HERE


Household Membership

While membership is individual, and in your name, other members of your household can shop and use your discount. For this to happen you MUST include their names on your application form – you can then share your member number with them.
NB: If your household membership details change, please let us know.

Members of your household can also volunteer – you can combine your hours to receive discounts.

A Co-operative Network

Alfalfa House has a policy of giving a discount to all members of food co-ops worldwide, and several co-ops in the Sydney region reciprocate, allowing our members to get discounts when shopping in their stores. Simply let them know you are an Alfalfa House member.

Check out our other co-ops page, for a wide list of co-ops in Australia.

Social Capital

Throughout the year the Co-op runs a variety of member-discounted educational workshops, and community building events. Enjoy meeting like-minded folks who share your love of the Alfalfa community!


If you’re going away for 12 months or longer, we can suspend your membership on request until you return. You can keep your existing member number, and pay the annual membership fee the year you return. If you decide to resign from the Co-op for whatever reason, please let us know so we can update your record, and remove you from our mailing list. Membership fees are not refundable. Email: [email protected] for more information.