Humans of Alfalfa House – Meet Tom

We recently spoke with Tom, regular Alfalfa House shopper and Members Council Treasurer since December 2018. Tom is an integral part of the Alfalfa House team and we couldn’t do it without him!

1. Please tell us a bit about your background
I’m a drifter from North of the border. When I first moved down to Sydney a few years back, I fell in love with the dedication of the people of the Inner West to their craft, whatever that may be. So I ended up moving to Enmore to get amongst it, with the added plus of being close to some of my favourite live music venues.

While I’ve worn a few different hats over time (mostly due to a lack of melanin), the dark arts I practice most these days would be:
accounting, improv comedy, a few foreign languages and cooking. Witchcraft and wizardry will hopefully make the list in 2021.

2.If you could choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Goofy, hungry, lanky

3.How long have you been shopping with Alfalfa House/how long have you been on the MC?

I’m gonna say I’ve been a shopper at AH since 2017. I clambered onto the decks of the MC as Treasurer in December 2018.
What made you decide to join the MC and why do you choose to shop with AH?
Deciding to join the MC was out of a want to use my skills to tangibly give back to the vibrant community that I draw a lot from.
I shop with Alfalfa for the friendly welcome you get as soon as you step in the door. Plus the generous nature of everyone involved (staff, vollies and members alike) all united by the great leveller-good, nutritious grub! Alfalfa has that good grub in spades.

4.What’s your favourite item in store?

It’s a tie between Peanut butter bars and Tempeh Temple Tempeh.

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