About Alfalfa House

Alfalfa House is a members co-operative, providing affordable, ethical and organic food in minimal packaging.

We are:

  • A co-operative – as a members cooperative, the main purpose of Alfalfa House is to benefit our members. Become a member, and get a 10% discount when you shop; volunteer and get a 25% discount!
  • Ethical and organic – we sell high quality organic fruit and vegetables (often direct from the farmers), bulk grains and pulses, sourdough bread, eggs from the happiest chickens, eco-friendly cleaning products…
  • Local – we support local start-ups and inspiring artisan producers, and buy direct from them wherever possible
  • Using less plastic, less packaging – bring your own container, and buy the right amount for you

What is a cooperative ?

Co-operatives are:

  • People-centred organisations – not run for profit, but to benefit their members
  • Owned and controlled by their members
  • Based on the values of self-help, equity and solidarity. We believe in the ethical values of honesty, social responsibility and caring for others.

Alfalfa House Objects

The Objects of Alfalfa House are the guiding principles for Alfalfa House. They are a critically important statement of our principles, and can be found in our Rules, Part 2, Rule 1.4.

These are the Objects of Alfalfa House:

  1. to provide a retail source of whole foods so that members may have some control over the sources of their food supply;
  2. to provide information on and promote the use of i) low-cost, ethically-produced and packaged whole foods, ii) cruelty-free foods, iii) vegetarian foods, iv) vegan foods, v) organic foods and vi) genetically-modified-free foods;
  3. to run an ethical, not-for-profit business;
  4. to minimise resource wastage and, hence, encourage reuse and recycling
  5. to support other cooperatives whose objects are similar or related to the objects of the cooperative; and
  6. to stimulate community development, foster community spirit and promote sustainable living.