Image of fresh produce being held in the arms of a person wearing an Alfalfa House branded green apron

Benefits of membership

Alfalfa House discount

Members of the Alfalfa House co-op receive great membership benefits, including a basic discount of 10% every time they shop. However, a bigger discount is available if you also help run the co-op.

Every two hours you volunteer in the shop entitles you to a 20% discount on one single shop. You can save up this discount to use at a time which suits you – simply let staff know when you’re at the till if you’d like to use it.

You can also earn a permanent discount of 20% by committing to volunteering for two hours a week on a permanent basis. If you volunteer for more hours than this, you can accumulate your excess hours for single use discounts in case you ever stop volunteering.

To find out more about volunteering opportunities and other membership benefits, take a look at our volunteering page.

Household membership

While your membership card is in your name, you can let other members of your household shop on your card and use your discount. Please ensure they bring the card with them when they shop.

Members of your household are also eligible to volunteer – you can combine your hours to receive discounts.

Discounts at other co-ops

Alfalfa House has a policy of giving a discount to all members of food co-ops worldwide, and several co-ops in the Sydney region reciprocate, allowing our members to get discounts when shopping in their stores. Stores you can get a discount at include:

  • Thoughtful Foods
  • Sydney Univeristy Co-op
  • Manly Food Co-op
  • Blue Mountains Food Co-op

Many other co-ops will also give a discount if you ask, just be aware you will have to show your membership card.

Check out our other co-ops page, for a wide list of co-ops in Australia.