From radical roots over 40 years ago, our independent Enmore Road store has been providing Sydney’s Inner West with the best locally sourced groceries since 1988. Join a part of history and become a member and owner of Alfalfa House!


Affordable, ethical groceries

Feel good buying food that is good for you, the planet, and your wallet. We are one of the most affordable sources of organic produce in Sydney and the more members we have the cheaper our prices can be.

Get 10% off every shop (20% if you volunteer)

As a member you get 10% off every shop - making our already great prices even more affordable.

If you volunteer you can get 20% for every shift you put in. Find out more about volunteering in our portal here (link)

Have a say in how our co-op is run

When you join us, YOU help to make the decisions, YOU are part of the process. YOU will know where your food comes from.

As a member of the Co-op, you are an OWNER with a share in our business.

You can find out more about having a say in our member portal

Join a welcoming, diverse community of ethically-minded locals

Members are the foundation, the heart, and the soul of Alfalfa House. We are happy to have a wonderful community of members who you can get to know in store or at one of our events.


Enjoy our Alfalfa House Community Garden

Contribute and grow at our community garden by Newtown Station. Lots of our greens come from here reducing food miles and increasing affordability.

You can meet some great people and learn a lot too. Email [email protected] to find out more.

Join a worldwide network of Co-operatives (and use your membership at lots of them!)

Did you know there are co-operatives of all different shapes and sizes all over the world? By joining ours you enter a worldwide community of a different way of doing business, that nurtures community and the environment.

Many other co-ops will accept your membership in their stores including all the food co-ops in the Sydney region. You can find them here

Support a truly ethical and independent small business & small farmers, producers, and food diversity

Our produce is local, seasonal, and delicious. As often as we can we purchase farmer direct to ensure it’s as fresh as possible and to give farmers the prices they deserve.

Every purchase Alfalfa House makes is put back into our community—not into the pockets of CEOs, destructive businesses, and monocultures.

We prioritise people and the environment over profit!