Product List

We stock ethically sourced groceries and planet friendly household supplies, including: cereals, pasta, rice, snacks herbs, spices, etc.
We also stock seasonal organic and spray-free produce that’s picked and delivered daily. Come in to see what’s in stock or order our veggie box if you live locally.
DepartmentProductPackage FreePlastic FreeReusable Packaging
Addiction Foods (bs)Apricot GojiYesYesPackage Free
Chocolate GojYesYesPackage Free
Glow BarYesYesPackage Free
Hemp BrownieYesYesPackage Free
Mint CoconutYesYesPackage Free
Orange CoconutYesYesPackage Free
Protein MonstYesYesPackage Free
AsianArameYesYesPackage Free
KuzuYesYesPackage Free
Miso, Genmai (Brown Rice)YesYesPackage Free
Miso, Mugi (Barley)YesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, Shiitake (Dried)YesYesPackage Free
Nori Yaki (ea)YesYesPackage Free
Umeboshi PasteYesYesPackage Free
Umeboshi PlumsYesYesPackage Free
Balinese SpiceBalinese Satay SauceNoYesReusable
Balinese Spice PasteNoYesReusable
Chilli Spice PasteNoYesReusable
Jamu KunyitNoYesReusable
BeansAdzuki BeansYesYesPackage Free
Back Eyed Beans JarYesYesPackage Free
Black Turtle BeansYesYesPackage Free
Blackeyed BeansYesYesPackage Free
Borlotti BeansYesYesPackage Free
Broad Beans Heirloom (Dried)YesYesPackage Free
Faba BeansYesYesPackage Free
Kidney BeansYesYesPackage Free
Mung Beans OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Navy BeansYesYesPackage Free
Pinto BeansYesYesPackage Free
Soup Mix Beans,YesYesPackage Free
Soya BeansYesYesPackage Free
BeeswaxBeeswax Wraps, 2 packYesYesPackage Free
Beeswax Wraps, BREAD WRAPSYesYesPackage Free
Beeswax Wraps, DIY KITSYesYesPackage Free
Beeswax Wraps, Refill BlockYesYesPackage Free
Body and FaceClay, GreenYesYesPackage Free
Deodorant Scented BulkYesYesPackage Free
Deodorant Unscented BulkYesYesPackage Free
Organyc, Cotton BallsNoNoNo
Organyc, Cotton BudsNoNoNo
Organyc, Cotton Face PadsNoNoNo
Physic Garden Bug 50gNoYesReusable
Physic Garden Calm 25gNoYesReusable
Physic Garden Skin 25gNoYesReusable
Physic Garden Skin 50gNoYesReusable
Physic Garden Sleep 25gNoYesReusable
Salt, EpsomYesYesPackage Free
Simplicite Damask Rose CremeYesYesPackage Free
Simplicite, SunscreenYesYesPackage Free
Soleo Sunscreen (80g)NoNoNo
Weleda Skin Food (75ml)NoNoNo
Weleda, Arnica Massage OilNoNoNo
Bread and ButterBread and Butter 5 GrainYesYesPackage Free
Bread and Butter Beer BarleyYesYesPackage Free
Bread and Butter Fig Raisin CrYesYesPackage Free
Bread and Butter Night RyeYesYesPackage Free
Bread and Butter Olive&RosemarYesYesPackage Free
Bread and Butter WhiteYesYesPackage Free
Bread and Butter WholemealYesYesPackage Free
BrickfieldsBrickfields German RyeYesYesPackage Free
Brickfields OliveYesYesPackage Free
Brickfields Wholemeal LargeYesYesPackage Free
Brickfields, Rye CarawayYesYesPackage Free
Brickfields, Soy LinseedYesYesPackage Free
Brickfields, WhiteYesYesPackage Free
Bulk FridgeBee PollenYesYesPackage Free
Gordal Olives (by dry weight)YesYesPackage Free
Maffra Cheddar BulkYesYesPackage Free
Miso, Meru Chickpea BulkYesYesPackage Free
Olives Kalamata JarYesYesPackage Free
Olives, Kalamata by dry weightYesYesPackage Free
Sprout & Kernel BULK ChiveYesYesPackage Free
Sprout & Kernel BULK ClassicYesYesPackage Free
Sprout & Kernel BULK CranberryYesYesPackage Free
Sprout & Kernel BULK HempYesYesPackage Free
Sprout & Kernel BULK HerbYesYesPackage Free
Sprout & Kernel BULK PepperYesYesPackage Free
Tonicka, Traditional BULKYesYesPackage Free
Udder Delights Brie BulkYesYesPackage Free
Cacao (bs)Cacao Beans (w/ Testa)YesYesPackage Free
Cacao ButterYesYesPackage Free
Cacao NibsYesYesPackage Free
Cereals5 Grain GoodnessYesYesPackage Free
Buckini DeluxeYesYesPackage Free
Buckini, ChocolateYesYesPackage Free
Muesli, Burnt Fig Cin AlmondYesYesPackage Free
Muesli, Gluten Free-style MuesYesYesPackage Free
Muesli, Honest to G, Apple CraYesYesPackage Free
Muesli, Honest to Goodness, 38YesYesPackage Free
Muesli, Honey Toasted GranueslYesYesPackage Free
Muesli, Paleo GranolaYesYesPackage Free
Oat BranYesYesPackage Free
Oats, Steel CutYesYesPackage Free
Puffed AmaranthYesYesPackage Free
Puffed Brown RiceYesYesPackage Free
Puffed BuckwheatYesYesPackage Free
Puffed MilletYesYesPackage Free
Puffed MultiPuffYesYesPackage Free
Puffed QuinoaYesYesPackage Free
Puffed SpeltYesYesPackage Free
Rolled Oats, STABILISED (RolleYesYesPackage Free
Rolled Oats, UNSTABILISED (traYesYesPackage Free
Rolled QuinoaYesYesPackage Free
Rolled SpeltYesYesPackage Free
CheeseHaloumi, True OrganicNoNoNo
Kris Lloyd Bush Buff CheeseNoNoNo
Kristen Allan LabnehNoYesReusable
Kristen Allan RicottaNoYesReusable
Lemnos, HaloumiNoNoNo
Meredith, Goat Chevre AshNoNoNo
Meredith, Goat's Chevre DillNoNoNo
Meredith, Goat's Chevre PlainNoNoNo
Meredith, Goat's in Olive OilNoYesReusable
Milawa BlueNoNoNo
Milawa CamembertNoNoNo
Robur Goat Fetta 150gNoNoNo
Symons ParmesanNoNoNo
Symons Vintage CheddarNoNoNo
Chocolate Coated (bs)Almonds, Choc-coated DarkYesYesPackage Free
Almonds, Choc-coated MilkYesYesPackage Free
Ginger, Choc-coated DarkYesYesPackage Free
Ginger, Choc-coated MilkYesYesPackage Free
Macadamia Nuts, Dark ChocYesYesPackage Free
Cleaning ProductsBicarb(onate) of SodaYesYesPackage Free
Castile Soap (Melrose)YesYesPackage Free
Dishwashing Liquid Lemon MyrtlYesYesPackage Free
Dishwashing Powder, HerbonYesYesPackage Free
Laundry Liquid, HerbonYesYesPackage Free
Laundry Powder, HerbonYesYesPackage Free
Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant CleaYesYesPackage Free
Multi-Purpose Probiotic CleaneYesYesPackage Free
SoapberriesYesYesPackage Free
Soapnuts Little Calico BagsNoYesReusable
Wool Wash, EucalyptusYesYesPackage Free
Zero Waste Soapberry KitYesYesPackage Free
CoffeeCoffee Bean, Mackellar DarkYesYesPackage Free
Coffee Bean, Mackellar Dark BUYesYesPackage Free
Coffee Bean, Mackellar Med BULYesYesPackage Free
Coffee Bean, Mackellar MediumYesYesPackage Free
Mama Quilla Coffee BeansYesYesPackage Free
Mama Quilla Coffee Beans 1kgYesYesPackage Free
Mama Quilla Coffee GroundYesYesPackage Free
Mama Quilla Coffee Ground 1kgYesYesPackage Free
Sacred Gounds, Decaf BeansYesYesPackage Free
Tregeagle Coffee, BeansYesYesPackage Free
Tregeagle Coffee, GroundYesYesPackage Free
With One Bean Coffee BeansYesYesPackage Free
With One Bean Coffee GroundYesYesPackage Free
Cups BottlesKeep Cup, Clear Plastic 12ozNoYesReusable
Keep Cup, Clear Plastic 8ozNoYesReusable
Keep Cup, Colour Series 8ozNoYesReusable
Keep Cup, Glass & Cork 12ozNoYesReusable
Keep Cup, Glass & Cork 8ozNoYesReusable
Klean K Waterbottle 18ozYesYesPackage Free
Klean Kanteen Waterbottle 27ozYesYesPackage Free
rCup Coffee CupYesYesPackage Free
Zero Waste Bamboo CupYesYesPackage Free
Dried FruitApricot, TurkishYesYesPackage Free
Banana, CoinsYesYesPackage Free
Bananas, Fingers (Dried)YesYesPackage Free
Blueberries, DriedYesYesPackage Free
Carob PodsYesYesPackage Free
Cherries Sweet Dried 20% offYesYesPackage Free
Coconut, DessicatedYesYesPackage Free
Coconut, ShreddedYesYesPackage Free
CranberriesYesYesPackage Free
CurrantsYesYesPackage Free
Date Medjool USAYesYesPackage Free
Fig TurkishYesYesPackage Free
GojiYesYesPackage Free
Incan BerriesYesYesPackage Free
Mango, Dried AustralianYesYesPackage Free
Mulberries White DriedYesYesPackage Free
Orange, DriedYesYesPackage Free
Papaya, DriedYesYesPackage Free
Pear, Dried PiecesYesYesPackage Free
Pineapple, Dried RingsYesYesPackage Free
RaisinsYesYesPackage Free
Rosnay Organic Dried FigsYesYesPackage Free
Sugar Plum, DriedYesYesPackage Free
SultanaYesYesPackage Free
Tomato, Sun DriedYesYesPackage Free
Trail Mix (Be Good Mix)YesYesPackage Free
Dried HerbsBasil, DriedYesYesPackage Free
Bay LeavesYesYesPackage Free
CalendulaYesYesPackage Free
DamianaYesYesPackage Free
Dandelion RoastedYesYesPackage Free
Dandelion, RawYesYesPackage Free
Dandelion/Chicory, RoastedYesYesPackage Free
Devils ClawYesYesPackage Free
Dill LeafYesYesPackage Free
Dill SeedYesYesPackage Free
EchinaceaYesYesPackage Free
Elderflower, SELL AT COSTYesYesPackage Free
Gotu, Kola SELL AT COSTYesYesPackage Free
Hibiscus/Rozella FlowersYesYesPackage Free
Horsetail, SELL AT COSTYesYesPackage Free
LavenderYesYesPackage Free
Lemon GrassYesYesPackage Free
Lemon MyrtleYesYesPackage Free
Lemon, Verbena SELL AT COSTYesYesPackage Free
Lemonbalm COSTYesYesPackage Free
Liquorice RootYesYesPackage Free
Marjoram COSTYesYesPackage Free
Native Mint, SELL AT COSTYesYesPackage Free
Nettle (Dried)YesYesPackage Free
Nettle (Dried) BULK 500gYesYesPackage Free
OreganoYesYesPackage Free
Parsley LeafYesYesPackage Free
Raspberry LeafYesYesPackage Free
Red Clover COSTYesYesPackage Free
Rose Petal (kg)YesYesPackage Free
Rosehip ShellsYesYesPackage Free
RosemaryYesYesPackage Free
SageYesYesPackage Free
Senna PodsYesYesPackage Free
St John's WortYesYesPackage Free
St Mary's Thistle DriedYesYesPackage Free
ThymeYesYesPackage Free
ValerianYesYesPackage Free
Yarrow SELL AT COSTYesYesPackage Free
Eat DrinkKlean K Food Canister SMLYesYesPackage Free
Klean K Insulated Canister BIGYesYesPackage Free
Straw, CleanerYesYesPackage Free
Straw, Long Steel SprocketYesYesPackage Free
Straw, Short Steel SprocketYesYesPackage Free
Tea Infuser COST (Sweet Tea)YesYesPackage Free
Tea Infuser Metal SmallYesYesPackage Free
Zero Waste Bamboo StrawYesYesPackage Free
Zero Waste Cutlery SetYesYesPackage Free
Zero Waste LunchboxYesYesPackage Free
EcomaxEco Max BroomYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Dish BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Kitchen ScrubberYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Large Bottle BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Medium Bottle BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Nail BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Non Stick Pan BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Palm Body BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Scrubbing BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Tiger Veggie BrushYesYesPackage Free
Eco Max Toilet BrushYesYesPackage Free
Edible LiquidsBrown Rice, SyrupYesYesPackage Free
Honey, Malfroy's Green MalleeYesYesPackage Free
Honey, Malfroy's Iron BarkYesYesPackage Free
Honey, Malfroy's Yellow BoxYesYesPackage Free
Honey, Manuka, 250g bothNoYesReusable
Maple SyrupYesYesPackage Free
MirinYesYesPackage Free
Raw AgaveYesYesPackage Free
ShoyuYesYesPackage Free
Tahini Dark (Unhulled)YesYesPackage Free
Tahini White (Hulled)YesYesPackage Free
Tahini, BlackYesYesPackage Free
TamariYesYesPackage Free
Vinegar, Apple CiderYesYesPackage Free
Vinegar, BalsamicYesYesPackage Free
Vinegar, Brown RiceYesYesPackage Free
Vinegar, Red WineYesYesPackage Free
Vinegar, UmeboshiYesYesPackage Free
Vinegar, WhiteYesYesPackage Free
EggsEgg, Loose Free Range (Non-Cert Organic)YesYesPackage Free
Essential OilsAuroshikha, IncenseYesYesPackage Free
Essential Oil, LavandinNoYesReusable
Essential Oil, LemonNoYesReusable
Essential Oil, Tea TreeNoYesReusable
Eucalyptus Oil (200ml)NoYesReusable
Koree Essential Oils NiaouliNoYesReusable
Koree Essential Oils RosalinaNoYesReusable
Koree Essential Oils Tea TreeNoYesReusable
FlourFlour, BesanYesYesPackage Free
Flour, BuckwheatYesYesPackage Free
Flour, CoconutYesYesPackage Free
Flour, GlutenYesYesPackage Free
Flour, Hard Whole BULK 5kgYesYesPackage Free
Flour, MilletYesYesPackage Free
Flour, QuinoaYesYesPackage Free
Flour, Rice BrownYesYesPackage Free
Flour, RyeYesYesPackage Free
Flour, Self Raising WholeYesYesPackage Free
Flour, Seven Grain Bread MixYesYesPackage Free
Flour, SorghumYesYesPackage Free
Flour, Spelt WhiteYesYesPackage Free
Flour, Spelt WholemealYesYesPackage Free
Flour, Tapioca (Starch)YesYesPackage Free
Flour, White Hard (wheat)YesYesPackage Free
Flour, White Premium BakersYesYesPackage Free
Flour, White Soft (wheat)YesYesPackage Free
Flour, Wholemeal Hard (wheat)YesYesPackage Free
Flour, Wholemeal Soft (wheat)YesYesPackage Free
Semolina FlourYesYesPackage Free
FridgeTonicka, L&L Ginger BULKYesYesPackage Free
FrozenBlueberries, Bulk OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Dona Cholita Blue TortillaNoNoNo
Dona Cholita White TortillaNoNoNo
Flyin Fox Lime and MintNoYesCompostable
Flyin Fox MangoNoYesCompostable
Flyin Fox PomegranateNoYesCompostable
Flyin Fox StrawberryNoYesCompostable
Flyin Fox WatermelonNoYesCompostable
Gogo Vego Beetroot RavioliNoNoReusable
Gogo Vego Potato GarlicNoNoReusable
Gogo Vego Spinach RavioliNoNoReusable
Gundowring Butter 500mlNoYesReusable
Gundowring Lemon Curd 500mlNoYesReusable
Gundowring Raspberry 500mlNoYesReusable
Gundowring Toasted Honey 500mNoYesReusable
Knox & Aya Macadamia F 450mlNoYesReusable
Knox & Aya Peanut Cacao 450mlNoYesReusable
Knox & Aya Salted Carame 450mlNoYesReusable
Raspberries, Bulk OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Strawberries, Bulk OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Tempeh Temple, Black BeanYesYesPackage Free
Tempeh Temple, ChickpeaYesYesPackage Free
Tempeh Temple, SoyYesYesPackage Free
Tempeh Temple, Split PeaYesYesPackage Free
GrainsBarley, PearlYesYesPackage Free
Buckwheat, Activated PlainYesYesPackage Free
Buckwheat, KernelsYesYesPackage Free
Couscous, WholemealYesYesPackage Free
Freekeh, PalestineYesYesPackage Free
Maftoul (Palestine)YesYesPackage Free
Millet, HulledYesYesPackage Free
Oats Kernels (Groats)YesYesPackage Free
PolentaYesYesPackage Free
Quinoa White GrainYesYesPackage Free
Quinoa White Grain AustralianYesYesPackage Free
Quinoa, BlackYesYesPackage Free
Quinoa, RedYesYesPackage Free
Quinoa, TricolourYesYesPackage Free
Rye GrainYesYesPackage Free
Spelt GrainYesYesPackage Free
Wheat Grain, SproutingYesYesPackage Free
HairConditioner, Lavender & YlangYesYesPackage Free
Shampoo Bar DryYesYesPackage Free
Shampoo Bar OilyYesYesPackage Free
Shampoo Bar OriginalYesYesPackage Free
Shampoo Bar SensitiveYesYesPackage Free
Shampoo, Lavender and YlangYesYesPackage Free
JarsBottle, 1 litres (.425)YesYesPackage Free
Bottle, 500ml (.230)YesYesPackage Free
Growler, 2 litres (1.110 g)YesYesPackage Free
Jar Amber (135gm) smallYesYesPackage Free
Jar Small (265gm)YesYesPackage Free
Jar Smallest (220gm)YesYesPackage Free
Jar Tiny Amber (.050) TeenyYesYesPackage Free
Jar, 1 litre (.460)YesYesPackage Free
Jar, 2 litres (.876)YesYesPackage Free
Spray Bottle, Glass 500mlYesYesPackage Free
KrautGaga's Bavarian Kraut 645gNoYesReusable
Gaga's Kimchi Kraut 645gNoYesReusable
Gaga's Turmeric Kraut 645gNoYesReusable
Gutsy Kraut GarlicNoYesReusable
Gutsy Kraut PepperberryNoYesReusable
Peace Love, Bush Tucker LargeNoYesReusable
Peace Love, Dill LargeNoYesReusable
Peace Love, Green LargeNoYesReusable
Peace Love, KimChi LargeNoYesReusable
Peace Love, Seaweed LargeNoYesReusable
LegumesChana DhalYesYesPackage Free
Chickpeas OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Lentils French Green, OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Lentils, Black BelugaYesYesPackage Free
Lentils, Red SplitYesYesPackage Free
Lentils, Whole Green OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Mung DhalYesYesPackage Free
Peas, Green SplitYesYesPackage Free
Peas, Pearl White (Dried)YesYesPackage Free
Liquorice (bs)Liquorice Pieces SpeltYesYesPackage Free
Liquorice Pieces WheatYesYesPackage Free
Liquorice Raspberry PiecesYesYesPackage Free
Liquorice, Dark Choc-coatedYesYesPackage Free
Liquorice, Milk Choc-coatedYesYesPackage Free
Liquorice, Raspberry Choc-coatYesYesPackage Free
Loving Earth (bs)Almonds, Loving Choc CaramelYesYesPackage Free
Loving Earth, 45g Banoffee BanNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 45g Buck n BerryNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 45g Coffee Ka-PoNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 45g Salted CaramNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 45g Turkish DeliNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, Choc Caram BulkNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, Dark Choco BulkNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, Mylk Choc BULKNoYesRecycable
Milk ButterBarambah Milk Glass 946mlNoYesReusable
Butter True Organic SaltedNoYesNo
Butter True Organic UnsaltedNoYesNo
Core, Ghee 250gNoYesReusable
Country Valley Organ Bulk MilkYesYesPackage Free
Pepe Saya Organic ButterNoYesNo
Pepe Saya Salt ButterNoYesNo
Pepe Saya UnSalt ButterNoYesNo
The Vegan Dairy Cultured ButteNoYesReusable
The Vegan Dairy Truffle ButterNoYesReusable
MiscEat Me Chutney Rhubarb GingerNoYesReusable
Eat Me Chutney, Apple & CardamNoYesReusable
Eat Me Chutney, Eggplant & CurNoYesReusable
Eat Me Chutney, Tamarind & FigNoYesReusable
Eat Me Chutney, Tomato & GingeNoYesReusable
Eat Me Chutney, Tomato & KaffiNoYesReusable
Eat Me Gift PackNoYesReusable
Wattle Tree Creek StrawberryNoYesReusable
NaturisNaturis, FruitNoNoNo
Naturis, Fruit Buns SpeltNoNoNo
Naturis, Gluten Free BuckwheatNoNoNo
Naturis, Gluten Free RiceNoNoNo
Naturis, Hot Cross Buns SpeltNoNoNo
Naturis, Light RyeNoNoNo
Naturis, SpeltNoNoNo
Naturis, Spelt Sourdough Low FNoNoNo
Naturis, SunflowerNoNoNo
Naturis, WholemealNoNoNo
Nice Kitty (bs)Nice Kitty Almond Butter BarYesYesPackage Free
Nice Kitty BountyYesYesPackage Free
Nice Kitty Fig Nut BarYesYesPackage Free
Nice Kitty Mint BarYesYesPackage Free
Nice Kitty PeanutYesYesPackage Free
NoodlesNoodles Soba (100% Buckwheat)YesYesPackage Free
Noodles, Soba (Wheat/Buckweat)YesYesPackage Free
Noodles, Udon (100% Wheat)YesYesPackage Free
NutsAlmond Insecticide-freeYesYesPackage Free
Almond TamariYesYesPackage Free
Almond, Butter (Roasted) IFYesYesPackage Free
Almond, OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Almond, Roasted Insect FreeYesYesPackage Free
Cashews RawYesYesPackage Free
Cashews RoastedYesYesPackage Free
HazelnutsYesYesPackage Free
Macadamia Nut Butter SmoothYesYesPackage Free
Macadamia Nut Butter, CrunchyYesYesPackage Free
Macadamia Nut FD RawYesYesPackage Free
Nut Mix (ABC)YesYesPackage Free
Nut Mix (AWC)YesYesPackage Free
Pecans AustralianYesYesPackage Free
PinenutsYesYesPackage Free
Pistachios, UnshelledYesYesPackage Free
Roasted Cashew ButterYesYesPackage Free
Walnuts Aus Diced, Pest FreeYesYesPackage Free
Walnuts Shelled Pieces OrganicYesYesPackage Free
OilsCoconut OilYesYesPackage Free
Hemp Oil, 250mlNoYesReusable
Hemp Seed Oil 250mlNoYesReusable
Niugini Coconut Oil, JarNoYesReusable
Olive Oil, Hunter UncertifiedYesYesPackage Free
Sesame Oil, RawYesYesPackage Free
Sesame Oil, ToastedYesYesPackage Free
Stoney C, Flax Oil Brown BigNoYesReusable
Stoney C, Flax Oil Gold SmlNoYesReusable
Sunflower OilYesYesPackage Free
PastaPasta, Amaranth & RiceYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Brown RiceYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, BuckwheatYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Durum Wheat PenneYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, FettucciniYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Quinoa and Rice PenneYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Quinoa and Rice SpaghetYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Quinoa and Rice SpiralsYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Spelt PenneYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Three Grain PenneYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Three Grain SpaghettiYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Veg Quinoa & Rice PenneYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, Veg Quinoa & Rice SpiraYesYesPackage Free
Pasta, ZooYesYesPackage Free
PeriodJuju Large Organic PadNoYesRecycable
Juju Mini Organic Pad COST PRINoYesRecycable
Juju Night Organic PadNoYesRecycable
Juju Panty Liner Organic PadNoYesRecycable
Juju Regular Organic PadNoYesRecycable
Lunette Model 2NoNoNo
Lunette size 1NoNoNo
Organyc Pads Heavy (Purple)NoYesRecycable
Organyc Pads Super, MaternityNoYesRecycable
Organyc Panty L Light (Pink)NoYesRecycable
Organyc Panty L Moderate (BlueNoYesRecycable
Organyc, Tampons RegularNoYesRecycable
Organyc, Tampons SuperNoYesRecycable
Organyc, Tampons, Super PlusNoYesRecycable
Pest ControlCockroach Traps (10 Pack)NoNoNo
Cockroach Traps (Individual)NoNoNo
Moth Trap ClothesNoNoNo
Moth Trap PantryNoNoNo
PowdersAcaiYesYesPackage Free
Alfalfa PowderYesYesPackage Free
Almond Meal - NaturalYesYesPackage Free
ArrowrootYesYesPackage Free
Baking Powder (Low Allergen)YesYesPackage Free
Beetroot, PowderYesYesPackage Free
Cacao PowderYesYesPackage Free
Camu Camu PowderYesYesPackage Free
Carob PowderYesYesPackage Free
ChlorellaYesYesPackage Free
CocoaYesYesPackage Free
Green Barley PowderYesYesPackage Free
Guar GumYesYesPackage Free
LucumaYesYesPackage Free
Maca PowderYesYesPackage Free
Maqui Berry PowderYesYesPackage Free
Mesquite MealYesYesPackage Free
Milk Powder (Full Cream)YesYesPackage Free
Pea Protein PowderYesYesPackage Free
Psyllium HusksYesYesPackage Free
Slippery ElmYesYesPackage Free
Soy Milk PowderYesYesPackage Free
SpirulinaYesYesPackage Free
Sprout Brown Rice Protein PowdYesYesPackage Free
Starch, CornYesYesPackage Free
Stevia PowderYesYesPackage Free
Tomato, PowderYesYesPackage Free
Vegetable Stock, San Elk BulkYesYesPackage Free
Wheatgrass PowderYesYesPackage Free
Pre-packAsterisk Lavosh BeetrootNoNoNo
Asterisk Lavosh CharcoalNoNoNo
Asterisk Lavosh FennelNoNoNo
Bonsoy Soy MilkNoYesRecycable
Bright Chocolate Dominican 70%NoYesRecycable
Bright Chocolate Ecuador 72%NoYesRecycable
C Coconut WaterNoYesRecycable
Chipman Corn Chips Ancient GraNoNoNo
Chipman Corn Chips Blue CornNoNoNo
Chipman Corn Chips Kale (each)NoNoNo
Chipman Corn Chips Low SaltNoNoNo
Chocolaty Raw, CoconutNoYesRecycable
Chocolaty Raw, NutsNoYesRecycable
Dona Cholita Chipotle Corn ChiNoNoYes
Dona Cholita White Corn ChipNoNoYes
Every Bit Org Evening PrimroseNoYesYes
Every Bit Org, Almond Oil 500mNoYesYes
Every Bit OrganicNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic Aloe VeraNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic Apricot OilNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic Argan OilNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic Arnica OilNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic Jojoba OilNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic Rosehip OilNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic RosewaterNoYesYes
Every Bit Organic Shea ButterNoYesYes
Global Organics, Egg Free MayoNoYesYes
Global Organics, MayonnaiseNoYesYes
Gubinge Powder 50g eachNoYesYes
Honest to G Coco Supreme CreamNoYesRecycable
Honest to G Passata BULK x 12NoYesYes
Honest to G, B Coco Cream x12NoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Black Beans TinNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Brown Lentil TinNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Cannellini TinNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Chickpeas TinNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Coconut ButterNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Coconut CreamNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Coconut Milk TinNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Coconut SyrupNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Four Bean Mix TinNoYesRecycable
Honest to G, Red Kidney TinNoYesRecycable
Honest To G, Tomato PassataNoYesYes
Honest to Goodness, MolassesNoYesYes
Hot Sauce Green MojoNoYesRecycable
Hot Sauce SmokedNoYesRecycable
Liberty Kombucha Black CherryNoYesYes
Liberty Kombucha KakaduNoYesYes
Liberty Kombucha OriginalNoYesYes
Loving Earth, 80g 85% ChocolatNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g Coco MylkNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g Creamy MylkNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g Crunchy MintNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g HazelnutNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g Lemon CheeseNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g MandarinNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g RaspberryNoYesRecycable
Loving Earth, 80g Salted CaramNoYesRecycable
Marigold, Veg Powder ReducedSaNoYesRecycable
Marigold, Vege CubesNoYesRecycable
Marigold, Vege Powder RedNoYesRecycable
Mayvers, Almond Brazil CashewNoYesYes
Mayvers, Almond ButterNoYesYes
Mayvers, Peanut Butter, CrunchNoYesYes
Mayvers, Peanut Butter, SmoothNoYesYes
Mayvers, Super Spread 280gNoYesYes
Melrose WorcestershireNoYesYes
Milkadamia OriginalNoYesRecycable
Milkadamia UnsweetenedNoYesRecycable
Nabali Green Olive TapenadeNoYesYes
Nut Milk BagNoNoYes
Pana Hazelnut (Each)NoYesRecycable
Pana, 80% Chocolate Bar (Each)NoYesRecycable
Pana, Coconut Goji BarNoYesRecycable
Pana, Fig and Orange BarNoYesRecycable
Pana, Mint Chocolate Bar (EachNoYesRecycable
Pana, Nuts Chocolate Bar (EachNoYesRecycable
Pana, Pinapple Ginger BarNoYesRecycable
Pana, Sour Cherry Vanilla BarNoYesRecycable
Pana, Strawberry Pistachio BarNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Almond Milk OriginNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Almond Milk UnsweeNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Coco Quench MilkNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Hazel QuenchNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Oat MilkNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Rice Milk CalciumNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Rice Milk OriginalNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Soy Milk EnrichedNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Soy Milk Malt FreeNoYesRecycable
Pureharvest Soy Milk OriginalNoYesRecycable
Rok Berry KombuchaNoYesYes
Rok Classic KombuchaNoYesYes
Rok Ginger KombuchaNoYesYes
Rok Lemon KombuchaNoYesYes
Rok Passionfruit KombuchaNoYesYes
Rose Water, 150mlNoYesYes
Spiral Tinned Tomato, DicedNoYesRecycable
Spiral Tinned Tomato, WholeNoYesRecycable
Spiral Tomato PasteNoYesRecycable
Spiral, Agar Agar FlakesNoNoNo
Spiral, Mustard DijonNoYesYes
Spiral, Mustard WholegrainNoYesYes
Spiral, Pasta Sauce BasilNoYesYes
Spiral, Pasta Sauce PizzaNoYesYes
Spiral, Pasta Sauces ArabiattaNoYesYes
Spiral, Pasta Sauces FungiNoYesYes
Spiral, Tomato KetchupNoYesYes
Sun-Dried Tomato Caper SpreadNoYesYes
The Good Seed Kefir, GingerNoYesYes
Wattle Tree C, Bushfire ChilliNoYesYes
Wattle Tree C, Bushfruit BerryNoYesYes
Wattle Tree C, Pickled ZucchinNoYesYes
Wattle Tree C, Quandong MangoNoYesYes
Wattle Tree C, Sea Celery MustNoYesYes
Wattle Tree C, Whisky MarmaladNoYesYes
Wattle Tree Creek, Raspberry JNoYesYes
PurelifePurelife Essene, KhorasanNoNoNo
Purelife Essene, RyeNoNoNo
Purelife Essene, SpeltNoNoNo
Purelife Essene, SupremeNoNoNo
Rapunzel (bs)Chocolate Rapunzel Dark BULKYesYesPackage Free
Chocolate Rapunzel Milk BULKYesYesPackage Free
Chocolate Rapunzel White BULKYesYesPackage Free
Little Gems (Chocolate)YesYesPackage Free
RicesRandall Organic Rice CakeNoNoNo
Rice, Basmati BrownYesYesPackage Free
Rice, Basmati WhiteYesYesPackage Free
Rice, BlackYesYesPackage Free
Rice, Brown Long Randall OrganYesYesPackage Free
Rice, Brown Medium Biody RainfYesYesPackage Free
Rice, Doongara BrownYesYesPackage Free
Rice, Jasmine WhiteYesYesPackage Free
Rice, Koshikari BrownYesYesPackage Free
Rice, RedYesYesPackage Free
Rice, White MediumYesYesPackage Free
Rice, WildYesYesPackage Free
Salt & PepperPeppercorns BlackYesYesPackage Free
Peppercorns WhiteYesYesPackage Free
Salt CelticYesYesPackage Free
Salt Flakes Aussie Fleur de SeYesYesPackage Free
Salt, Aust Pink Lake FineYesYesPackage Free
Salt, Aust Pink Lake MediumYesYesPackage Free
Salt, Aust Pink Lake, CoarseYesYesPackage Free
Salt, Three Pepper SaltYesYesPackage Free
SeedsChia Seeds, Black Pesticide FrYesYesPackage Free
ChulpiYesYesPackage Free
Cress Seeds COSTYesYesPackage Free
Green Patch SeedsNoYesRecycable
Hemp Seeds, AustralianYesYesPackage Free
Linseed, BrownYesYesPackage Free
Linseed, GoldenYesYesPackage Free
Omega seed MixYesYesPackage Free
Pepitas, ChineseYesYesPackage Free
PopcornYesYesPackage Free
Pumpkin seeds, AustraliaYesYesPackage Free
Radish Seeds COSTYesYesPackage Free
Salad Topping MixYesYesPackage Free
Sesame Seeds BlackYesYesPackage Free
Sesame Seeds HulledYesYesPackage Free
Sesame Seeds UnhulledYesYesPackage Free
Sprouting Seeds (Packet)YesYesPackage Free
Sunflower Kernels (Organic)YesYesPackage Free
Yummy Beans Nut FreeYesYesPackage Free
SnacksPureharvest, Rice CakesNoNoNo
Pureharvest, Thins Corn LinseeNoNoNo
Pureharvest, Thins Corn PlainNoNoNo
SoapsBody Wash Lavender and YlangYesYesPackage Free
Church F Soap Black EucalyptusYesYesPackage Free
Church F Soap Lavender and ClaYesYesPackage Free
Church Farm Soap CalendulaYesYesPackage Free
Church Farm Soap Lemon MyrtleYesYesPackage Free
Church Farm Soap Minty HempYesYesPackage Free
Church Farm Soap RoseYesYesPackage Free
Nablus Pure Olive Oil SoapYesYesPackage Free
Soap, Aracaria Small Detox StiYesYesPackage Free
Spencer (bs)Spencer Cocoa DARK Choc BULKYesYesPackage Free
Spencer Cocoa MILK Choc BulkYesYesPackage Free
Spencer Cocoa, Chocolate BarNoYesNo
Spencer Cocoa, Frog (each)YesYesPackage Free
SpicesAllspice BerriesYesYesPackage Free
Aniseed, OrganicYesYesPackage Free
Caraway SeedsYesYesPackage Free
Cardamom GroundYesYesPackage Free
Cardamom PodsYesYesPackage Free
Chilli FlakesYesYesPackage Free
Chilli PowderYesYesPackage Free
Chinese Five SpiceYesYesPackage Free
Cinnamon PowderYesYesPackage Free
Cinnamon QuillsYesYesPackage Free
Cloves, WholeYesYesPackage Free
Coriander GroundYesYesPackage Free
Coriander SeedYesYesPackage Free
Cumin, GroundYesYesPackage Free
Cumin, SeedsYesYesPackage Free
Curry Powder, HotYesYesPackage Free
Curry Powder, MildYesYesPackage Free
Fennel, DriedYesYesPackage Free
FenugreekYesYesPackage Free
Garam MasalaYesYesPackage Free
Garlic, GranulesYesYesPackage Free
Ginger, GroundYesYesPackage Free
Juniper BerriesYesYesPackage Free
Mustard Seeds, BlackYesYesPackage Free
Mustard Seeds, YellowYesYesPackage Free
Nigella (Black Cumin)YesYesPackage Free
Nutmeg GroundYesYesPackage Free
Nutmeg, WholeYesYesPackage Free
Paprika Hot COSTYesYesPackage Free
Paprika SweetYesYesPackage Free
Pepper, CayenneYesYesPackage Free
Star AniseYesYesPackage Free
SumacYesYesPackage Free
Szechuan PepperYesYesPackage Free
Turmeric , DriedYesYesPackage Free
Vanilla Bean EACHYesYesPackage Free
Vanilla Essence (Vanilla Au)YesYesPackage Free
Zaatar Spice Mix (PalestineYesYesPackage Free
St. MaloSt Malo Gluten FreeYesYesPackage Free
St Malo GrainYesYesPackage Free
St Malo RaisinYesYesPackage Free
St Malo RyeYesYesPackage Free
St Malo SpeltYesYesPackage Free
St Malo WhiteYesYesPackage Free
St Malo WholemealYesYesPackage Free
SugarsSugar RapaduraYesYesPackage Free
Sugar RawYesYesPackage Free
Sugar, CoconutYesYesPackage Free
Suzy SpoonSuzy Spoon Tomato SauceNoYesYes
Suzy Spoon, Kale and CauliflowNoNoNo
Suzy Spoon, Polenta SundriedNoNoNo
Suzy Spoon, SchnitzelNoNoNo
Suzy Spoon, Seitan FilletsNoNoNo
Suzy Spoon, Smoked ChilliNoNoNo
Suzy Spoons LasagneNoNoNo
TeaBancha TeaYesYesPackage Free
Calming Tea BlendYesYesPackage Free
Camille Tea BlendYesYesPackage Free
Ceylon Black Tea (Loose)YesYesPackage Free
Ceylon Green Tea FairtradeYesYesPackage Free
Chai Dandelion Alfalfas OwnYesYesPackage Free
Chai Masala Alfalfa's OwnYesYesPackage Free
Chai Roobios Alfalfa's OwnYesYesPackage Free
Chai Walli 11 Spice Black ChaiYesYesPackage Free
Chai Walli Ayurved Digestion TYesYesPackage Free
Chai Walli Golden ChaiYesYesPackage Free
Chai Walli Jasmine TeaYesYesPackage Free
ChamomileYesYesPackage Free
Chicory Root, RoastedYesYesPackage Free
Earl Grey Tea (Loose)YesYesPackage Free
Echinacea Boost Blend (Tea)YesYesPackage Free
Ginger Glow TeaYesYesPackage Free
Ginseng (Siberian)YesYesPackage Free
Lemon, Lift (Tea)YesYesPackage Free
Matcha Green Tea PowderYesYesPackage Free
Oolong TeaYesYesPackage Free
Organic Merchant Cooling TeaYesYesPackage Free
Organic Merchant Warming TeaYesYesPackage Free
Organic Merchant, Golden ChaiYesYesPackage Free
Penny Tea BlendYesYesPackage Free
PeppermintYesYesPackage Free
Pick Me Up Tea BlendYesYesPackage Free
Rooibos (kg)YesYesPackage Free
Sencha, Green TeaYesYesPackage Free
Yerba MateYesYesPackage Free
TeethJason Powersmile MouthwashNoNoNo
Jason Powersmile ToothpasteNoNoNo
Jason Sea Fresh ToothpasteNoNoNo
Pure and Green ToothpasteNoNoNo
Tooth Tonic Black WhitenerNoYesYes
Tooth Tonic FennelNoYesYes
Tooth Tonic Mighty Mouth (ChilNoYesYes
Tooth Tonic MintNoYesYes
Toothbrush, Bamboo ChildNoYesRecycable
Toothbrush, Bamboo MediumNoYesRecycable
Toothbrush, Bamboo SoftNoYesRecycable
Weleda Toothpaste CalendulaNoNoNo
Weleda Toothpaste Children'sNoNoNo
Weleda Toothpaste Plant GelNoNoNo
Weleda Toothpaste RatanhiaNoNoNo
Weleda Toothpaste SaltNoNoNo
Tempeh TofuEarnest Bean, Tofu PlainNoNoNo
Earnest Bean, Tofu SmokedNoNoNo
Earthsource, Firm TofuNoNoNo
Organic Indulgence BabaNoNoYes
Organic Indulgence BeetrootNoNoYes
Organic Indulgence Chil HommusNoNoYes
Organic Indulgence HommusNoNoYes
Primasoy Chilli TempehNoNoNo
Primasoy Garlic TempehNoNoNo
Primasoy Plain TempehNoNoNo
Suzy Spoon, Sunday SausageNoNoNo
Vegan CheeseArtisa Blue LauncestonNoNoNo
Artisa Hobart CoffeeNoNoNo
Artisa Smoked GladstoneNoNoNo
Artisa Tamar Fresh TruffleNoNoNo
Artisa Wakame BinalongNoNoNo
Artisa White Ben LomondNoNoNo
Fenn Smoked Sesame CheeseNoNoYes
Peace Love DIll Cashew CheeseNoYesYes
Peace Love, Chili Cashew CheesNoYesYes
The Vegan Dairy Aged Semi FirmNoYesYes
The Vegan Dairy Ashed ChevreNoYesYes
The Vegan Dairy Dill ChevreNoYesYes
The Vegan Dairy Persian FettaNoYesYes
The Vegan Dairy Red Pep BoursiNoYesYes
The Vegan Dairy Redbell PepperNoYesYes
Who Gives a CrapWho Gives A Crap, Paper TowelsNoYesRecycable
Who Gives A Crap, Tissue BoxNoYesRecycable
Who Gives A Toilet P SingleNoYesRecycable
YeastYeast, Bakers (Instant)YesYesPackage Free
Yeast, BrewersYesYesPackage Free
Yeast, Nutritional per KGYesYesPackage Free
YoghurtBarambah Yoghurt Lite 500gNoNoYes
Barambah Yoghurt Natural 1kgNoNoYes
Barambah Yoghurt Natural 500gNoNoYes
Coyo Coconut Yog, Vanilla 500gNoNoYes
Kristen Allan Pot Set YoghurtNoYesYes
Kubu Mango Coconut Yoghurt 500NoYesYes
Kubu Natural Coco Yo 500gNoYesYes
Kubu Passionfruit Coco Yo 500gNoYesYes
Marrook Farm Yoghurt Mild 375gNoYesYes
Marrook Farm Yoghurt, Maple 37NoYesYes
Marrook Farm, 1kg MildNoYesYes
Marrook Yoghurt, Lemon MyrtleNoYesYes
Meredith Yoghurt Black 1kgNoNoYes
Meredith Yoghurt Black 500gNoNoYes
Meredith Yoghurt, Blue 1kgNoNoYes
Meredith Yoghurt, Blue 500gNoNoYes
Meredith Yoghurt, Green 1kgNoNoYes
Meredith Yoghurt, Green 500gNoNoYes
ApplesApple, Ass Juicing COSTYesYesPackage Free
Apple, CustardYesYesPackage Free
Apple, FujiYesYesPackage Free
Apple, GalaYesYesPackage Free
Apple, Golden DeliciousYesYesPackage Free
Apple, Granny SmithYesYesPackage Free
Apple, JazzYesYesPackage Free
Apple, JonathanYesYesPackage Free
Apple, KaleiYesYesPackage Free
Apple, Lady WilliamsYesYesPackage Free
Apple, Pink LadyYesYesPackage Free
Apple, Red DeliciousYesYesPackage Free
Apple, SundownerYesYesPackage Free
AvocadoAvocado CF FDYesYesPackage Free
BananaBanana CavendishYesYesPackage Free
Banana, Lady FingerYesYesPackage Free
BerriesBlueberries PunnetNoNoYes
Strawberry, PunnetNoNoYes
CitrusCumquat FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Cumquat, bag (.200)YesYesPackage Free
Grapefruit, RubyYesYesPackage Free
Grapefruit, YellowYesYesPackage Free
Lemon, AllYesYesPackage Free
Lemonades FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Lime, Tahitian FDYesYesPackage Free
MandarinYesYesPackage Free
Orange, Blood OrangeYesYesPackage Free
Orange, Colin HeritageYesYesPackage Free
Orange, WallisYesYesPackage Free
Oranges, Seville FD CFYesYesPackage Free
TangelloYesYesPackage Free
FruitApple, AzanaYesYesPackage Free
Apple, Jonagold and JonathanYesYesPackage Free
Grapes, All BDYesYesPackage Free
Longan 20%YesYesPackage Free
Other FruitBanana Passions CF FDYesYesPackage Free
Jaboticaba, tree grapesYesYesPackage Free
Kiwi fruitYesYesPackage Free
Melon, Honey DewYesYesPackage Free
Papaya FRESHYesYesPackage Free
PassionfruitYesYesPackage Free
Persimmons FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Pineapple FreshYesYesPackage Free
Rockmelon, weightYesYesPackage Free
Sapote, BlackYesYesPackage Free
Watermelon, miniYesYesPackage Free
PearsPear, Beurre Bosc BDYesYesPackage Free
Pear, PackhamYesYesPackage Free
Pears, AnjouYesYesPackage Free
Pears, Red sensation 20%YesYesPackage Free
Pears, Williams BDYesYesPackage Free
StonefruitMango WEIGHTYesYesPackage Free
NectarineYesYesPackage Free
Nectarines, AllYesYesPackage Free
Peaches, AllYesYesPackage Free
Veg A - KArtichoke Globes (Hearts)YesYesPackage Free
Artichoke, Jerusalem FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Artichokes, Jerusalem BAG FD CYesYesPackage Free
Asparagus, BunchYesYesPackage Free
Beans Bag (.205)YesYesPackage Free
Beans, GreenYesYesPackage Free
Beans, LooseYesYesPackage Free
Beetroot Red LooseYesYesPackage Free
Beetroot, bunch FDYesYesPackage Free
Beetroot, GoldYesYesPackage Free
Bok & Pak ChoyYesYesPackage Free
Broad BeansYesYesPackage Free
BroccoliYesYesPackage Free
BroccoliniYesYesPackage Free
Brussel SproutsYesYesPackage Free
Brussel Sprouts, BAG (.189)YesYesPackage Free
Cabbage, Red KGYesYesPackage Free
Cabbage, SavoyYesYesPackage Free
Cabbage, White KG FDYesYesPackage Free
Cabbage, Wombok Each FDYesYesPackage Free
Capsicum, GreenYesYesPackage Free
Capsicum, RedYesYesPackage Free
Capsicum, YellowYesYesPackage Free
Carrot, Bunch ORANGEYesYesPackage Free
Carrot, Bunch Purple FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Carrot, EatingYesYesPackage Free
Carrots JuicingYesYesPackage Free
Carrots, Yellow Eating in fridYesYesPackage Free
Cauliflower PurpleYesYesPackage Free
Cauliflower, WhiteYesYesPackage Free
Celeriac WeightYesYesPackage Free
CeleryYesYesPackage Free
Chard, Baby Italian FDYesYesPackage Free
Chard, RainbowYesYesPackage Free
Chickweed FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Chilli Long RedYesYesPackage Free
Chilli, GreenYesYesPackage Free
Corn EachYesYesPackage Free
Cucumber, EnglishYesYesPackage Free
Cucumber, LebaneseYesYesPackage Free
Daikon, eachYesYesPackage Free
Dandelion FRESHYesYesPackage Free
Edible Flowers punnetYesYesPackage Free
Eggplant, RoundYesYesPackage Free
Fennel, EachYesYesPackage Free
Gai Lan (Chinese broccoli)YesYesPackage Free
GalangalYesYesPackage Free
Garlic ElephantYesYesPackage Free
Garlic, ItalianYesYesPackage Free
Garlic, Scapes FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Ginger FRESHYesYesPackage Free
Herbs, BasilYesYesPackage Free
Herbs, dillYesYesPackage Free
Herbs, MintYesYesPackage Free
Herbs, Pars & CorianderYesYesPackage Free
Herbs, Rosemary BUNCHYesYesPackage Free
Kale, AllYesYesPackage Free
Kohlrabi each FDYesYesPackage Free
Kumera, AllYesYesPackage Free
Veg L - ZLeeks, Each BIGYesYesPackage Free
Lettuce Bby Cos, Butter, OakYesYesPackage Free
Lettuce, AllYesYesPackage Free
Mizuna FDYesYesPackage Free
Mushroom PortobelloYesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, Bag Swiss brown .95YesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, Bag White (.111)YesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, Enoki FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, King Brown FDYesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, Mini King Brown FDYesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, Oyster & Shiitake FYesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, ShimejiYesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, Swiss BrownYesYesPackage Free
Mushrooms, White FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Nettle, Stinging CF FDYesYesPackage Free
Onion, BrownYesYesPackage Free
Onion, Red BDYesYesPackage Free
Onions, PicklingYesYesPackage Free
Pak Choy, Purple FD CFYesYesPackage Free
ParsnipsYesYesPackage Free
Pea Garden, Bag (.238)YesYesPackage Free
Pea, Sugar snap bag (.100)YesYesPackage Free
Peas, Sugar Snaps LooseYesYesPackage Free
Potato, AllyYesYesPackage Free
Potato, ChatYesYesPackage Free
Potato, Desiree FDYesYesPackage Free
Potato, Dutch CreamYesYesPackage Free
Potato, Kennebec FDYesYesPackage Free
Potato, King EdwardYesYesPackage Free
Potato, Kipfler FDYesYesPackage Free
Potato, Midnight PurpleYesYesPackage Free
Potato, NicolaYesYesPackage Free
Potato, PontiacYesYesPackage Free
Potato, Purple Bintje CF FDYesYesPackage Free
Potato, RubyYesYesPackage Free
Potato, SebagoYesYesPackage Free
Potato, Tassie Pink Eye FDYesYesPackage Free
Pumpkin ButternutYesYesPackage Free
Pumpkin, Gramma CF FDYesYesPackage Free
Pumpkin, GreyYesYesPackage Free
Pumpkin, JapYesYesPackage Free
Radish bunchYesYesPackage Free
Radish, French Breakfast bunchYesYesPackage Free
Rhubarb, Moonacre & Colin FDYesYesPackage Free
Rocket, Bag (.115)YesYesPackage Free
Rocket, bunchYesYesPackage Free
Rocket, LOOSEYesYesPackage Free
Salad Mix LOOSEYesYesPackage Free
Salad Mix, Bag (.110)YesYesPackage Free
Shallot, Purple stemmed FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Shallots, bunchYesYesPackage Free
Silverbeet FDYesYesPackage Free
Silverbeet, green stem FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Snow Pea, Bag (.095)YesYesPackage Free
Snow Pea, LOOSEYesYesPackage Free
Spinach, Bag (.115)YesYesPackage Free
Spinach, BunchYesYesPackage Free
Spinach, LOOSEYesYesPackage Free
Squash, GoldYesYesPackage Free
Squash, SpaghettiYesYesPackage Free
Squash, Spaghetti FD CFYesYesPackage Free
SwedesYesYesPackage Free
TomatoYesYesPackage Free
Tomato, PunnetYesYesPackage Free
Tomato, RomaYesYesPackage Free
Tomato, Small Roma BAG (.190)YesYesPackage Free
Turmeric FRESHYesYesPackage Free
Turnips WEIGHTYesYesPackage Free
Turnips, bunchYesYesPackage Free
Turnips, Toyko Market ea FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Warrigal Greens, FD CFYesYesPackage Free
Yakon FD CFYesYesPackage Free
ZucchiniYesYesPackage Free