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Easy picnic pie

By Sharyn

Kale, Spinach & Feta Pie

This is a favourite in our house – a quick and easy recipe from Australia’s “Healthy Chef” Teresa Cutter. Super healthy, very tasty and ridiculously easy to make. And better still ... it’s technically a pie without the fuss of making pastry, so you can casually say: “I’ll bring a spinach & feta pie” when you are planning your picnic menu.

The other good thing about this recipe is that it works with pretty much anything green and leafy so it’s perfect for mopping up a fridge full of leftover greens at the end of the week.

For a tasty Vegan alternative try this Vegan Spanakopita recipe from Dimitra Kontrou on This website has a great collection of user recipes that are all Vegan, and some are gluten free.

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