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Seville Orange Marmalade~

Did you know?
The end of winter is the time for Seville oranges to come into season, and they make fabulous marmalade.

This variety of oranges is famously bitter, full of seeds, but absolutely packed with flavour. When combined with sugar to make a jam it makes a marmalade that has the perfect balance of bitter, acid, and sweet, with a real flavour punch. Truly ‘Joy on Toast’. They also have a thick rind, full of pectin (a natural gelling agent found in fruit) that allows a jam to set naturally.

Alfalfa House will stock Seville oranges when they are available. If you would like to order a box to make your very own marmalade batch, just contact the Store Team.

Get started with this three-ingredient Ultimate Seville Orange Marmalade Recipe from the BBC Good Food blog.

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