URGENT : #SaveAlfalfaHouse

DID YOU KNOW that Alfalfa House is facing the prospect of having to close our Enmore Road shop at the end of January?

This is an extremely regrettable situation, but something members must face head on if we want the Co-op to continue.

Since July 2020, sales have been steadily declining due to COVID-related pressures impacting the entire retail community. In addition we must pay out recently revealed, unpaid staff Leave Loading entitlements amounting to around $20k.

All of us would love Alfalfa House to survive in the Inner West community in some way, shape or form, including having an online presence.

Our priority is to avoid our business becoming insolvent, and the Co-op entity being dissolved, where members will lose control of the outcomes.


As of Monday January 11:

  • We will be temporarily removing the 20% volunteer discount for eligible members.
  • The 10% standard discount still applies – you can also choose NOT to receive this discount to offer extra support at this time.
  • We’re asking members to pay their 2021 Membership Fee (ASF) of $20 voluntarily + plus an additional amount as a donation if they choose.

Membership payments & donations can be made:

  • In-person when you shop – before the end of January.
  • by EFT (NB: include your member number in the reference field)
    Alfalfa House  /  Bank Australia  /  BSB: 313140  /  Acct: 12046250
VOLUNTEER TEAMS are already checking out ways we can reinvent ourselves and are working the phones hard to find out what you have to say.

Don’t be surprised if you get a call.

If you want to help out:

  1. Join our phone-around team : contact Tara
  2. Join our AH Version 2.0 team to explore ways we can remodel and reposition Alfalfa House into the future : contact Cyrus

There are positions available on the Members Committee (MC) as well.

In particular, if you have legal or financial skills/experience and can help in the short-term by stepping in as Alfalfa House treasurer or secretary, contact the Members Committee for the more detail on these positions.

If you’d like to volunteer in general contact our volunteer co-ordinator 

Keep supporting ALFALFA HOUSE by shopping with us!

We will be keeping the shop stocked with fresh produce until the end of January, even as our grocery lines run low.

Yours sincerely
The Members’ Council

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