How the co-op is run

The Members Council

The MC (Members' Council) comprises between five and nine members, and oversees the co-op’s financial management and general policy-making, and meets monthly. All Alfalfa House members are welcome to attend these meetings, the times and dates of which are announced each month.

MC meetings are usually held on the 4th Thursday of every month, at a venue near Alfalfa House, or online via Zoom in these COVID times. For details about the next meeting, and for minutes of previous meetings, visit the Alfalfa House wiki.

General Meetings

Annual General Meetings (the AGM) & any Special General Meetings (SGM) — held at the request of members proposing changes to the co-op that require membership approval — are open to any 'Active' Alfalfa House member to attend and vote. 'Active' members are required to have paid an annual fee for the current year, and shopped with us at least once during that year.

AH Approved Rules July 2021

Consensus Decision Making

Alfalfa House uses 'consensus decision-making' in its decision-making processes. Members are encouraged to have input into the Co-op's governance and policy, and the goods and services we offer, through participation in our Members’ Council (MC), or board directors. The MC comprises nine directors elected at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) held at the end of every year. For the benefit of board continuity, directors are now elected for two-year terms: 5 directors one year, and four the next.

Casual MC vacancies do occur from time to time. These are always open to 'Active' members to contribute their energy, enthusiasm and skills to benefit the Co-op. AGMs, where formal board nominations are made, and casual vacancies, are notified to members via our newsletters, and other media. Members who are unsure what to expect can always attend MC meetings to find out more about what we do – we are also happy to send further information to members who are considering nominating for board positions at AGMs, or other times.

Members can also contribute to our volunteer teams and working groups which assist the Members' Council, our staff, and all members in many different ways. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more.


As we are owned and run by members, we are always in need of volunteers and have a variety of different jobs available.
Find out how you can volunteer at Alfalfa House Food Co-op.